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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ristorante Bonaroti - Fine Italian Cuisine in Vienna, VA

Wolftrappe Shopping Center
428 Maple Ave E,
Vienna, VA 22180
Tel: (703) 281-7550

When you enter Bonaroti you are immediately transported into a private romantic oasis, shutting out the world's worries, submerging yourself into a peaceful, welcoming, relaxing, delicious jacuzzi of gastronomic pleasure. Dim lighting and flickering candles reflecting off the white tablecloths set the mood to "slow down." Get ready to be pampered. A dinner here is a luxurious getaway.

For nearly a quarter century (since 1993), Ristorante Bonaroti has been a landmark in Northern Virginia's restaurant scene. Romantic date? Check. Family visiting from out of town? Check. Business partner meeting? Check.  Just stop in for a drink and a bite for happy hour in the new bar area? Check.

The old-style decor translates into traditional service and old-world Italian flavors. The owner Sergio Domestici visits each table personally to inquire how your dining experience here could possibly be more enjoyable. Staff seem to read your mind from afar, should you desire a drink refill or a little more marinara sauce. My server Jose provided me with impeccably flawless service.

Restaurants like Bonaroti should be preserved for posterity as a showcase of how life should be.

I dined alone, so I could taste only one appetizer and one entree. But eavesdropping on tables around me, I heard comments ranging from "I love this place" to "My pasta is wonderful," with groups and couples, laughing, eating, drinking, enjoying.

My Portobello Mushroom appetizer was fantastic. Who knew mushrooms can have this much flavor? It was a portion that could easily be shared by two, but I made the effort, well, if someone has to do it, it may as well be me, to finish the whole thing. A tall glass of Malbec complemented it perfectly. The warm sage bread basket served with an olive tapenade and a roasted red pepper tapenade could have made it a full satisfying meal.

The kitchen is beyond accommodating, serving me a Capellini covered in all the fantastic seasonal veggies imaginable and a good helping of sauce.  

Make sure you save room for dessert and a digestif, it is well worth it. 

Bonaroti is unquestionably an ideal destination to celebrate a special occasion, but life is too short to wait for those. This is how life should be.

Wonderful patio seating by the parking lot at the entrance to the restaurant

What is an Italian restaurant without a David statue?

Bonaroti welcomes you with a wall of well-deserved awards

New bar area for happy hour and quick dining

Ambiance that transports you into an immediate oasis of tranquility

Sage bread with two ramekins of Tapenade: Olive and Roasted Red Pepper

Portobello Mushroom appetizer. Who knew mushrooms can taste this good? ($12.95)

That's a happy diner!

Capellini made on request with a variety of seasonal veggies. ($22.95)

Make sure you save room for dessert!!!

Biscotti and an Amaretto to finish off a great meal.

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