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Monday, July 11, 2011

Raaga, Falls Church, VA

5872 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 998-7000

If we had not gotten the Groupon, we would have not found out about this superb Indian restaurant.  It is not a new establishment to the Bailey’s Crossroads area, but it was a new discovery for us.  We went at lunchtime on a Sunday, which was a great opportunity to savor not only the great dishes on the menu, but also the terrific selection of dishes at the lunch buffet.  A bargain at all-you-can-eat $11.95 per person, they are particular about serving lamb dishes at the buffet on Saturdays and chicken and fish on Sundays.  This worked out perfect for us.

As this was our first time there, we went all out.  We ordered from the menu AND partook in the buffet experience.  Needless to say it was more food than we could handle, so we took much of our entrees “leftovers” home.  Our entrees were Chicken Tikka and Chicken Biryani.  Both were superb.  Just the right amount of spices, slightly different from what we were used to, but in a really good way. Not sure what made them different, but why ask why when you can just eat?!?

Unlike most other Indian restaurant buffets, the dishes presented here were flavorful, but not overbearing, and diverse, though manageable.  The salmon was to die for and several kinds of chicken were wonderful.  The several vegetarian dishes complemented everything perfectly and, again, spices were a little different, but in a really good way.  This is definitely a buffet worth the drive to Bailey’s Crossroads.  Service was also terrific.  Efficient and nice.  Though the d├ęcor was modest, Raaga presents a light, easy atmosphere with its white columns and big windows that allow plentiful sunlight.  There was a small baby-birthday party in the back of the dining hall, which was cheerful and private.

Raaga is a gem of dining experiences and those who enjoy Indian food will not be disappointed.  We will be returning.