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Friday, January 1, 2016

Shilla Korean Bakery comes to Tysons!

Even if you've never visited the Shilla bakery in Annandale, we highly recommend visiting the newly-opened Shilla at the Tysons Corner mall.  It is on the second floor across from the mall entrance from the C garage.  

There is a wide variety of delicious pastires and even several pizzas that you can taste before committing to buying anything. All the cakes and pastries are works of art, are beautifully-displayed and appetizingly-lit. 

Grab a freshly baked roll and bring it to the neighbors' bbq!  Or take a break from shopping at one of the tables inside the bakery and enjoy a Boba Tea along with one of the pastries.  

One of the most appealing attributes of Korean baked goods is that they are not overly sweet, yet full of flavor and richness. We first tried a Boba Tea here. Boba Teas are basically frozen smoothies that come in many different flavors from mango to green apple, with a bunch of tapioca morsels on the bottom of the cup that are sucked through a wide straw. Be careful, as the frozen tapioca can have the effect of a 7-11 slurpee if you drink it too quickly.

Everything at Shilla bakery is mouthwateringly delectable. The advantage of tasting some fo the pastries is that you can pick what really suits your palate, as the flavors may be unfamiliar. 

One of us has a sweet tooth, and the other one does not. But even for me, who prefers savory over sweet, Shila bakery's desserts are a hit because of their low sweetmess.

A big welcome to the Tysons area! 

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