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Saturday, August 15, 2015

If you love Chipotle (and who doesn't?), here are some tips on how to (almost) double your Chipotle burrito size.

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Thank you, Dylan Grosz, for your tips on Chipotle!

You may have also seen information on this in various other publications over the last few days, such as The New York ObserverReddit, or GrubStreet, to name a few. In case you missed it, here it is:

From Mr. Dylan Grosz:

Hello there:

Thought you might be interested in my list of 6 tricks to (almost) double your Chipotle burrito size.

I went to Chipotle for two weeks to test out different methods, ordering and deconstructing 35 burritos to find out which methods worked. Here are a few tricks that worked for me:

·         Ordering a bowl gets you 15% more than a burrito
·         Ordering half chicken/half steak increases your meat allotment by 54%
·         Ask for both types of rice and beans to get 90% more of each
·         You can order two tortillas on the side for free

My final burrito weighed almost 32 ounces – 86% more than the original control burrito. You can see additional details and methodology in this article (https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/6-techniques-to-get-more-chipotle-burrito-for-free/). 


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