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Friday, June 12, 2015

Jerusalem Restaurant - Middle Eastern Food - Falls Church, VA

3405 Payne Street
Falls Church, VA 22041
Tel: (703) 379-4200

It is nearly impossible to drive along the ethnic food corridor in Falls Church between Seven Corners and Bailey's Crossroads and not stop for a bite of delicious Chinese, Thai, Ethiopian, Indian or Middle Eastern food. These are just a few of the options, but there are many others!  One of the restaurants we have favored lately has been Jerusalem Restaurant in a small eatery strip along Leesburg Pike (Rte.7).

Walking into Jerusalem, expect high quality everything and you will not be disappointed. Our several dinners here have been consistent in an outpouring of hospitality and great service on behalf of the staff, particularly Rania (no doubt named after the Jordanian Queen), as well as great, very authentic food.  Flavors here are guaranteed to satisfy everyone's tastebuds.  You will not walk out hungry.

To kick off a meal, try the standard selection of Middle Eastern appetizers, ordered individually, or as a sampler platter that includes Hummus (chickpea-based dip), Babaghanouj (eggplant-based dip), Falafel (deep-fried chick pea patties), Tabbouleh (parsley-based salad), Stuffed Grape Leaves, and a chopped onion and tomato salad,  They all go perfectly with the warm freshly-baked bread.

All the entrees we have had here were delicious and the portions more than generous. A small salad and a soup selection (Chick Pea or Vegetable Tomato-based Harissa) accompany each entree. The Chicken Kabob is perfectly grilled with tomatoes and onions on two skewers, served on a bed of delicious saffron rice with a light yogurt sauce on the side. Fattah Chicken is a a dish of shredded tender chicken breast topped with grilled pita and yogurt over a bed of saffron rice with pine nuts.  Vegetable Couscous is a stew-like dish of large chunks of delicious mildly-seasoned veggies served with a side plate of rice. If you order the Chicken Couscous, be prepared for a well-seasoned roasted half-chicken that honestly can feed two. The Bamieh is a tasty dark stew, also served with a side dish of rice. The rice alone is so good and plentiful that it could almost be eaten as a meal on its own!

Middle Eastern food is very flavorful and delicate, but not particularly known for being spicy. If you need a little extra kick ask for the HOT SAUCE, made in-house by the chef.  It is a delicious condiment that enhances the taste of each and every dish on the table.

Whatever you do, do not forego the desserts! They are only $2 a piece and are decadent! Despite being creme-filled, the Warbat we had was surprisingly very light, almost light enough to have two (or three).

We will definitely be back to Jerusalem Restaurant, and are most certainly to take out a tray of their wonderful desserts for our next BBQ.

Can't argue with this advice!

Pleasant welcoming decor


Harissa soup

Vegetarian Appetizer Platter Sampler $16.95

Falafel Appetizer $6.95

Chicken Couscous $12.95 - amazing House Hot Sauce on the side (ask for it!)

 Vegetable Couscous $10.95

 Bamieh lamb stew $13.95

 Large dining room

 Fattah Chicken $12.95

 Grilled Chicken Kabob with yogurt sauce $11.95

8-9 different dessert options, most with the same mouthwatering creme filling

Warbat (Middle Eastern Cannoli)

               Well-deserved Wall of Honor

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