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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hong Kong Palace Chinese Restaurant - Falls Church, VA

Hong Kong Palace
Chinese Restaurant
6387 Seven Corners Shopping Center
Falls Church, VA 22044
Tel: (703) 532-0940

Is it ever possible to have enough Chinese restaurants in your neigborhood?  We'd say... No. So, when we found this small restaurant in the Shoppers Food Warehouse plaza in Falls Church, we were excited to try it.  Hong Kong Palace is only a few doors down from our new favorite Thai / Laotian restaurant Bangkok Golden.  This multiple-award winning ethnic dive is definitely worth a stop for an impressive variety of authentic Szechuan dishes, despite its Cantonese name.

Like most authentic Chinese restaurants, there are two distinctly different menus at the Hong Kong Palace: one is the Americanized menu and one is the traditional Szechuan menu.  We selected the latter. There were only two of us for lunch, so we sampled the most we could possibly eat, which was three full-size entrees. We chose dishes we thought would complement one another and would give us a good taste of the restaurant's offerings.

From the traditional soup menu, we ordered the Chicken and Pickled Vegetables Soup.  Although we intended for this to be our appetizer, it ended up arriving late, a few minutes behind our first entree. This soup had large chunks of garlic and noodles, a perfectly mild brothy chicken soup. Our two entrees were Fish and Bean Curd in Spicy Sauce and Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce.  Both dishes were likewise on the mild side.  The Fish and Tofu came in a very very thick orangy-red sauce. The Garlic Chicken came with delicate black mushrooms and cucumbers in a delicate brown sauce. 

The flavors at Hong Kong Palace were not overwhelming or strong, rather they are mild and delicate.  Had we checked their online menu, we would have asked for their "Special Gift" dishes that come free with purchase over a certain threshold:  

Free Gifts
We weren't aware of this, and the staff did not volunteer this information to us.  Perhaps it is only available for delivery? If so, do take advantage of these deals when you order from Hong Kong Palace.

Overall, our experience was pleasant and we walked out full and happy. We will return here someday and will likely sample other menu offerings, as there are many that seemed appealing. But not sure we will return soon, as there are so many other places we would rather re-visit sooner.

 Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce

 Chicken with Pickled Vegetables Soup

Fish and Bean Curd with Spicy Sauce

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