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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Amoo’s House of Kebab - Wholesome Persian Food - McLean, Va - Revisited

6271 Old Dominion Dr.
McLean VA 22101 (703) 448-8500

There’s nothing certain in life but death, taxes, AND a great meal at Amoo’s House of Kebab.   So good in fact, that we’re revisiting our earlier posting to update on our experience and reinforce the notion that if you’re seeking great Persian food in Northern Virginia, look no further than Amoo’s. 

We’re not going to run the reader through the many great details of this family run Middle Eastern gem, so please refer to our earlier post on Amoo’s.  We would not be doing justice in describing our most recent visit without first mentioning the charismatic and enthusiastic host, Sebastian.  The owner’s son has the perfect mix of attentive hospitality and boundless energy that speaking with him for a few minutes proves that he is the hub of a family who thoroughly enjoy serving their food from their part of the world to their diners.  For such a young man, he understands the needs of his customers and is willing to stretch the typical kebab house with a more eclectic and energetic vibe.   

So lets get to the meal.  We started by sharing an Ash (pronounced “Ahhsh”) Soup.  Words cannot describe this amazing dish.  Served in a homemade restaurant-baked sourdough bread boule, this wonderful mix of beans, mint, yogurt, and countless other ingredients, was so plentiful, we used the remainder of the bread throughout the rest of the meal.  Sebastian highly recommended the soup and on a cold winter’s day was the perfect beginning to the meal.  We shared the soup--and that was a good thing because if ordered for one, there would be no room left for an entrée.  After the Ash, we were served two different skewered chicken dishes.   Elena had the Tandoori Chicken, a skewer of chicken cooked in a jalapeño marinade.  Bill had a Chicken Breast Fillet.  Both were served with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes.  Elena also ordered a side of Mast-o-Mousir, a creamy yogurt blended with minced shallots and seasoning - the perfect condiment for these chicken dishes.


The soup was so filling, we were able to take home and enjoy half our entrées the next day.  This blog continues to highly recommend Amoo’s over its abundant competitors.  We will surely be returning soon.

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