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Monday, September 7, 2015

PIZZA RANKING IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA! TOP THREE PICKS!!! WINNER: The Italian Store; FIRST RUNNER UP: Ciro's New York Pizza in Centreville, VA; SECOND RUNNER UP: Tony's NY Pizza in Fairfax, VA

We are both from the New York - New Jersey area, so needless to say the only pizza we acknowledge is New York pizza. Other well-known pizzas, like Chicago, may place high in the pizza hierarchy, but New York pizza rules undoubtedly rules, in our humble opinion.

If you perused our last blog, you'll know we're on the subject of the best New York pizza in Northern Virginia right now, which we believe to be The Italian Store in Arlington. Hands down, period, end of story.  See our previous post for a detailed description.

Out of all the pizza joints we tried this summer, we followed friends' recommendations and carefully sorted through the criteria for a true New York pizza to find those that come close. After numerous taste tests, our two runners up: Ciro's New York Pizza in Centreville and Tony's NY Pizza in Fairfax.


1. The Italian Store

2. Ciro's New York Pizza

3. Tony's NY Pizza

Unlike The Italian Store, which is our #1 choice for as-close-as-you-get-to-real New York pizza in our area, Ciro's and Tony's are primarily restaurants, with a large carry-out business.  They offer large seating areas with staff who bring out the food to your table once you order and pay at the register.

Other than the location (only 4.5 miles between the two), there isn't much difference between Ciro's and Tony's in quality, service or price points.  BOTH ARE VERY GOOD AND OFFER GREAT VALUE. We have eaten pizza and subs at all three of our ranked restaurants, as well as others, so this ranking is for food only, since we have never eaten AT The Italian Store, only taken out, we are not rating service. The only thing we can say about service is that for the most part, we have not had any issues at any of these places, other than a small hickup at Tony's, which we will write off as an anomaly.

Here are our dining experiences in photos. We'd love to know YOUR ranking! DO YOU AGREE? DISAGREE?  Drop us a line via email, leave a comment on our blog, Tweet us or leave a comment on our Facebook page!

Ciro's New York Pizza
Centreville Crest Shopping Center
6067 Centreville Crest Lane
Centreville, VA 20121
Tel: (703) 830-0003

 Separate entry for Pick-Up

The cute "Eatalian" take on Italian seems to be trademarked to Ciro's

 Business is booming here, both at the Pick-Up area and the large two-level "Eatalian" Eatery

 Don't let the few empty booths fool ya, the place is crowded and turnover is quick

 Clean dining room with simple, but attractive artwork

View from our booth

 Cashiers are also servers

 Nice fresh pies just out of the oven

Garlic Knots ($.75 each),  Slice of Green Pepper, Onion, Sausage, Pepperoni and a Slice of Margherita Pizza $3.25), all fabulous with a perfect dose of garlic for sure!

 Tender and juicy, very good Chicken Parmigiana Sub $7.95

 All Veggie Pizza Extra Large 18" is $26.95 and their 16" is $19.95 - VEGGIES GALORE!!!

 Nice crust, not too thick, but not flimsy, either.

Their extra large cheese pizza is an 18", which costs only $15.95 - good value, delicious pizza, if you want a 16" that's $11.95, slightly cheaper than Tony's

Tony's NY Pizza
13087 Fair Lakes Shopping Center
Fairfax, VA
Tel: (703) 502-0808

 Nice outdoor sitting area

 Nice large modern no-frills dining room

 Clean booths, well as clean as they can be in a kid-friendly restaurant

 Ceiling-to-floor windows make the dining room bright and open

 Different shape and thickness crusts, take your pick

 Pies behind the glass on the counter to choose from

 Great selection of non-pizza food

 Can't go wrong with one of these

Delicious Garlic Knots galore!

 Just sit down and wait for your food to be brought out to you

 Plenty of space, but DON'T LET THE EMPTY BOOTHS FOOL YA, this place is PLENTY BUSY

 Large parties easily accommodated

 Chicken Parmigiana Sub was delicious $7.25

 Veal Parmigiana Sub was very good $7.95

 Large cheese pizza carryout 16" $12.50

A simple selection of wines available with your meal, not knocking it, since there is wine available!

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