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Thursday, July 2, 2015

German Gourmet - Purveyor of Fine German Foods in Falls Church, VA

5838 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041
Bailey's Crossroads
Tel: (703) 379-8080

There is treasure trove of German, Swiss, Austrian, and Norwegian food right here in Northern Virginia and it is called German Gourmet.  

The German Gourmet was founded in 1962 in Washington, D.C. Shortly afterwards, it relocated to  Northern Virginia. Since its establishment, it has changed several owners, both German and Swiss. Its current Swiss owners opened the Bailey's Crossroads location in 2007 and began offering a breakfast and lunch dine-in menu served in a small sectioned-off area near the counter with several tables.

Here you can get the Frikadellen sandwich, which they call "European Hamburger," made with ground beef, pork, parsley, onions served on a Brioche bun. Or a Weisswurst sandwich with a side of tyrolean cabbage, beet or spaetzle salad.

For the most part, German Gourmet is a grocery / carry-out. Much of its business is from its online mail-order service and its grocery carry out with an extensive selection of regional delicacies. 

But it is nothing short of a treat to visit its brick-and-mortar location!

You can sample a delicious variety of its groceries, including bratwurst, sausages, coldcuts, cheeses, breads, homemade salads, chocolates, cakes and pastries, beer and wine, and party platters. While their grocery prices may seem a bit on the higher end, its unique and rare offerings are an exceptional find! The eat-in prices for breakfast and lunch sandwiches are a bargain ranging between $4.95 and $7.95. The choices are quite extensive and different from what you would get anywhere else.

Because the dine-in area is small and often hosts visitors, we suggest calling ahead to see whether any events are planned when you are setting out to come here to eat in.  Don't forget to pick up a souvenir on your way out, almost as if you actually traveled to Germany or Switzerland.

We will definitely be coming back here for their wine tastings and their amazing decadent Sacher Torte!


 Small dining area

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