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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chutzpah Deli - Jewish / Russian / Eastern European comfort food - Fairfax, VA

12214 Fairfax Towne Center
Fairfax, VA 22033
(703) 385-8883

If you haven't tried Chutzpah a Real New York Deli in Fairafax, we recommend that you do, at least once.

Don't go too much out of your way, it is not a true New York Deli, certainly not even close to Stage or Carnegie, or really ANY deli in New York City, but it's as good as we get here in Northern Virginia, and that's worthwhile. Don't expect to be blown away or coming away wowed, but you will have a small reminder of the old familiar tastes that you may have grown up with or may have heard about.

There aren't many places in this area you can get Matzoh brei, borscht and a knish all in one order, and that's a real treat.  We have tried all the different kinds of pastrami and all are tasty, but put them on a sandwich and somehow they are... underwhelming.

Chutzpah is a small simple place with about a dozen grey tables and a carry-out area. If you choose to have a sit-down meal in the restaurant, be prepared: the service is atrocious and on top of that, it lacks personality. Both are an understatement.  The phrase "pulling teeth" comes to mind.  If the lack of enthusiasm and hospitality weren't enough, we had to remind our waiter about almost everything that we asked for... twice, so there is also that factor.  

Here is a tip (for you, not the waiter). Chutzpah offers a free bottomless supply of coleslaw and delicious half-sour pickles for its in-house diners.  The trick is that they don't tell you about it.  But ask, and you shall receive!!! It's a great addition to the meal and well-worth the extra conversation with the unenthusiastic wait staff.    

The portions are average to small and it is not cheap for what you get.

Overall, for the taste of the old Jewish Russian New York, Chutzpah is definitely worth at least one visit.

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