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Friday, November 22, 2013

21 Awesome McDonald's Dishes That You Can't Get In America

Although I rarely eat in McDonald's in the U.S., when I travel abroad I sometimes visit McDonald's.  Usually in other countries, particularly so-called transitional or developing economies, where I usually travel, places like TGI Friday's or McDonald's offer a familiar American environment for me.  These restaurants are dependably clean and friendly, and give me a chance to watch local families enjoying a meal together in an American chain establishment.  Also, it's fun to see what the different sandwiches are called in the local language and whether there is any food that is tailored to the local tastes.  This is why I found this link particularly interesting - https://socialreader.com/me/content/lVWLz?chid=27443&_p=trending&utm_source=wp&utm_medium=Widgets&utm_campaign=wpsrTrendingExternal-1-opt

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