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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Ultimate Chicken Bistro, Falls Church, VA

7263 Arlington Blvd (Rt 50)
 Falls Church VA 22042

We went to the Ultimate Chicken Bistro (or the more trendy “UCB”) with friends on a Saturday night, prompted by a Groupon and a recommendation. UCB is a small, basic storefront in the Loehmann's plaza strip mall. In a nutshell, the food selection was limited (hence the appropriate name), the food itself was not bad, and the service was ok.

The chicken gumbo (soup of the day) was spicy, flavorful and good. Great appetizer portion.

The popcorn chicken with garlic glaze (option to have it with or without garlic glaze) was pretty good, as good as popcorn chicken can be...., and the two tomato sauces (one spicy one mild) that accompanied it in small plastic containers were relatively tasty.

The chicken parmesan was ok, not great.

The teriyaki / tempaniaki and the bulgogi bento box were plentiful, but not great.

Our friends seemed to like the chicken wings.

We can't remember everything that we and our friends had. The best part about this dinner, like with any dinner, was the company of friends!

Oh, and the wine selection was relatively decent.

The place was ok for what it is, but not worth returning to.


  1. The first time we went we were thrilled with the Korean wings and bento box, and were very surprised at the the variety of food. We could not wait to go back and recommended it to our neighbos. They should rename the place, as they have much more than chicken. The second time we were not as thrilled as it was a Saturday night and there were many more people (a lot of teens)and as a result service was slower. My seared tuna was not as good as the sushi in my opinion and I think we should have ordered the wings with sauce. I also ordered hot tea which consisted of a Earl Grey (my least favorite) tea bag and hot water, instead of some nice brewed tea which comes at most other ethnic restaurants.

  2. I recomend you go back and try the Korean Fried Chicken with the Soy Glaze. That's what they do best.