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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meaza Ethiopian Restaurant - Falls Church, VA

5700 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA

Our meal at Meaza began with an appetizer order of Sambusas--deep fried pastry pillow of lentils, green peppers, and onions.  Our main course consisted of two kinds of Tibs, which were the less spicy house specialty Meaza Tibs and the more spicy Awaze Tibs.  The Meaza Tibs were reminiscent of Mexican fajitas;  a sizzling tray with cubes of beef sautéed with jalapeno peppers, onions, and garlic.  The Meaza Tibs were dry and steak like.  The Awaze Tibs were a tasty blend of onions, awaze sauce, and garlic.  The Awaze Tibs were prepared in sauce.  We also got the #7 Vegetarian Combo.  This was a great way to sample lots of flavors and we wound up taking about a third of it home.

The simple décor is limited to portraits of Ethiopian rulers up to Haile Selasse in an otherwise undecorated multiple level hall.  The furniture could use some updating.  The Achilles heel of this otherwise pleasant experience was the server’s limited understanding of English.  Plan on trying to be patient as you convey your orders.  We were left wondering on a few occasions if the server actually got our order correct.  Saturday nights there is a band in the dining room.  We have yet to hear them (they do not start until 10pm) and have yet to partake in their coffee ceremony (they end at 6pm).  Other than the décor and service, and commenting on the food alone, Meaza is one terrific meal.

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