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Monday, March 14, 2011

Burger 7, Falls Church, VA

7505 Leesburg Pike #E, 
Falls Church, VA  22043 

There is nothing not to like about this place, especially when compared with Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington (see previous entry).  Plenty of parking here and also plenty of tables.  After numerous raving reviews in the local press such as Tom Sietsema's in the Washington Post, the lines are surely to get longer and tables scarcer. Deservingly so. 

Burger 7 has only been operating for several weeks, but it has already become our favorite burger joint.  Burgers are fresh and flavorful.  We have been fans of Five Guys for years, but we think this is heads above Five Guys in quality.  Burgers (either single patty B7-JR or double patty regular B7 or the Veggie burger option, which we did not try) are excellent.  Toppings variety is plentiful with lots of healthy choices.  Watch out for the jalapenos - they are much hotter than those at Five Guys.  They offer a daily milkshake special – all wonderful, not to be missed.  Fries are great, as well as the onion crisps.  Ordering is a cinch.  The menu is up above the counter, easy to see.  You get a vibrating pad, which lights up and vibrates when your order is ready.  By this time, you have had a chance to select your booth table and get yourself the fountain soda of your choice.   

The restaurant is clean and large windows keep it bright in the daytime.  Don’t forget to get the B7 Club Card – for every 7 burgers you buy, you get the 8th free.  What’s not to like? 

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  1. The place was good, and I love the fact they use grass feed beef and olive oil to cook their fries. However, from the moment I ordered I knew that it could not beet BGR in Arlington. At BGR they asked me how I wanted my burger. I like a thick burger with some pink in the middle. The BGR burger melted in my mouth. The Burger 7 one was like five guys with 2 thin patties.