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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House, Miami, FL (A Retro-Blog Entry)

Have not been there in years, but recently found out that the Rascal House is no more.  This Miami Beach staple—around for generations—sadly lost its place on 172nd St in North Miami to progress and housing.  The Rascal House was one of those places that I made a point of visiting each time I made it to the Miami area.  It really was something special.  From the lines that began inside (splitting into three separate lines depending on the size of the group) to very lengthy lines going around the outside parking lot, this was one popular place.  The mostly Jewish deli menu was predictable with a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner fare accompanied by the bread assortment, the tubs of pickles at each table that added to its allure.  But it was the people, especially Rose (pictured with me in 2002) who was a long-time hostess and the face of the Rascal House that I will always remember.  

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